Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

Thomas C. Wong
Greater Chicago Area


A driven and resourceful mechanical engineer with extensive experience in product design and development, testing, electro-mechanical products, plastic and sheet-metal
components, programming, quality control, engineering analysis, assembly drawings, regulatory compliance, and software. Identifies complex business issues, delivering practical and innovative solutions that spur process improvement and overall growth. An adept problem-solver who leverages customer-centric technological expertise to achieve complex objectives.

PANDUIT CORPORATION, Orland Park, Illinois
Staff Engineer and Product Engineer 5, 2005-2012

Held responsibility for new product design and development, life-cycle management, and cost reduction program for existing products. Designed and performed engineering analysis
on complex electro-mechanical sheet metal assemblies and snap-fit plastic parts to meet customer demand. Reviewed and maintained product development schedules. Utilized
Unigraphics and SolidWorks to design sheet metal parts, plastic parts, die cast parts, and PCB outlines from initial concept to final detail. Worked with Moldflow part advisor
to analyze plastic flow and optimize design parameters to eliminate and minimize cosmetic defects. Utilized FEA software such as Ansys to optimize part design parameters.

* Completed cost-reduction project to convert sheet metal bracket to plastic bracket, achieving 60% cost savings.
* Collaborated with manufacturing engineer to reduce gold usage on plating line to meet cost reduction objective.
* Developed a patent pending drawer glide for fiber management tray.
* Investigated and resolved a plating related defect on sheet metal enclosure to reduce cost and scrap rate by 20%.
* Managed design review meetings during product development stages for cross-functional team members to review project status.
* Estimated product cost by working with internal departments and external suppliers.
* Analyzed complex tolerance stack-up for sheet metal assemblies, using root mean squared and root sum squared tolerance analysis.
* Collaborated with reliability engineer to verify product reliability by conducting accelerated life-cycle tests.
* Coordinated efforts with quality engineer during design and process failure mode effects analysis meetings.
* Participated in weekly cross-functional team meetings to report project status and highlight project-related risks to team members.
* Created electro-mechanical part library for use with PCB layout interface.
* Developed and maintained standard for communication between mechanical and electrical printed circuit board layout software with CircuitWorks.
* Initiated hands-on first prototype build to review bill of materials and assembly procedures for new products.
* Implemented RoHS related changes to existing products to meet standard.
* Worked with compliance engineer to implement electromagnetic compatibility and interference design changes.

Product Engineer 5, 2003-2005

Developed cable management products for data-center and enterprise environments. Implemented cost-reduction program for existing product. Designed and performed engineering analysis on sheet-metal and snap-fit plastic parts to meet customer demand. Oversaw redesign effort and introduced patentable features to replace one bestselling product, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

* Addressed urgent customer complaint on horizontal cable products by introducing steel-safe change to mold.
* Collaborated closely with team member and management team to address concerns of replacing existing products with completely new design.
TELLABS OPERATIONS INC., Bolingbrook, Illinois
Member of Technical Staff 2, 2000-2003

Oversaw new product design and development. Implemented cost-reduction program for existing product. Designed and performed engineering analysis on sheet-metal and snap-fit
plastic parts to meet network equipment building system guidelines for telecommunication industry. Assisted plug-in module development through thermal analysis and testing,
front panel design, and front panel component placement. Provided technical support to manufacturing, marketing, sales and purchasing from prototype stage through full
production. Utilized Pro/ENGINEER to design sheet metal parts, plastic parts, die cast parts and printed circuit board outlines from concept to final detail. Addressed
immediate customer requests.

* Created new die-cast aluminum front panel design with human factor considerations.
* Completed several design projects for 21-inch-wide optical/electrical sheet metal sub-racks for part of multi-racks system to meet standards.
* Designed new ten-inch-wide fiber management patch panel for 384 three-millimeter fiber optic cables.
* Completed cost reduction project to reduce existing product cost by 17% to 20% by tooling and stamping high-volume piece part.
* Drafted and detailed piece part and assembly drawings during product development.
* Analyzed tolerance stack-up for sheet-metal sub-rack using root sum squared and root mean squared analysis.
* Developed Windows-based C++ program to simplify and automate checking process for Pro/ECAD assembly.
* Designed two new snap-on plastic grommets to retrofit existing products, updated all product related drawings, and completed tooling within seven weeks.
* Reviewed and approved department procedures for ISO9001 and TL9000 compliance.
* Attended weekly cross-functional meeting to report project status and project-related risks to team members.

Additional experience

WESTELL INC., Aurora, Illinois, Mechanical Design Engineer I and II, 1996-2000. Performed product evaluation and testing. Coordinated project development effort with overseas turnkey suppliers and subcontractors. Teamed up with engineer to complete modem enclosure design with transparent polycarbonate and ABS in three weeks. Coordinated project development with several Asian injection molding suppliers and subcontractors. Developed and maintained tight product development schedule for fast turn customer sample.

ILLINOIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Chicago, Illinois, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering Minor, 1996


U.S. Patent 7285027: Vertical Cable Manager
U.S. Patent 7695323 Vertical Cable Manager
U.S. Patent 8162699: Vertical Cable Manager
U.S. Patent 7178679: Rack-Mountable Cable Manager
computer skills

Systems: Unix, Linux, Windows
Programming Languages: FORTRAN, C, Visual C++
Software: Pro/Engineer, Pro/Intralink, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, TeamCenter, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, AutoCAD, CADKEY

Fluent in English and Chinese.


Traveling, Golfing, Fishing, Model Kit Building, Cycling, Digital Photography, Android App Development


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